Always safe! CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA always offers safe, first class logistical services, with adequate environmental management and never stops looking for the improvement in its services. External experts review our activities in depth regularly.


The health and safety of people is our main priority. This involves identifying hazards at an early stage and introduces preventive measures. The internationally recognized health and safety standard, OHSAS 18001 is a system to continuously improve the health and safety in the companies. According to the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007, CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA has the certificate under this standard and always looking for the continuous improvement. We’re currently working to get the certification according to ISO 45001: 2018.
Health and Safety Policy.


CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA is subject to an annual audit in accordance with the internationally recognized quality management system, ISO 9001:2015, during which we externally demonstrate that quality determines our thoughts and actions in each process. Our primary focus on processes complies with our objective of continuous development and improvement.
Quality and Environment Policy.


Environmental attitude is one of the other objectives that the management system of CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA is based on to be able to give a full answer to all the interested groups. CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA has the certificate under the standard ISO 14.001:2015.
The rail transport itself is already a social and environmental benefit but also CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA works to reduce its environmental impact from the point of view of the life cycle.

Quality and Environment Policy 

Sustainability and Environmental Performance 2019

The entire management system of CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA is integrated into the organization as much as possible for greater efficiency. This management system has the following scope.


CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA, S.A.U, determine the management system scope considering the internal and external context of the company, the requirements of the interested parts and the services of the organization.

Activities included in the CAPTRAIN ESPAÑA certificates are:
• Rail freight transport.

• Complementary railway services:
– Vehicle road access.
– Access operations to outdoor installations with or without shunting vehicles.
– Operations in terminals and installations with or without shunting vehicle.
– Shunting of intermodal transport and fuel supply.

• Auxiliary railways services:
– Commercial invoicing.
– Sand supply.
– Material cleaning.
– Support to the admission/dispatching of trains and / or traffic manoeuvring to and from installations.
– Rental of auxiliary machinery (crane trucks, shunting tractors and locomotives).